Automate your retention marketing

We can help you reach more customers in a multi-screen world. Your customers are always switching between browsers, devices, and apps. From our friendly, unified platform, you can reach them wherever they go with ads across Facebook, Twitter, and across the web.

Web retargeting;
Bring customers and prospects back to your site with targeted display ads across their favorite news sites, blogs, and more. Web retargeting is a great foundation for any retargeting program, and we'll help you to get access to more than 60 leading ad networks and exchanges, including Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

Retargeting on Facebook;
Your customers spend a lot of time on Facebook. Shouldn’t you? Retargeting on Facebook lets you reach customers and prospects with targeted Right Hand Side ads and native ads in the Facebook News Feed—even on mobile. It’s a great way to extend the reach of your retargeting campaigns.

Dynamic LiquidAds ;
Our expert designers will help you promote your brand and show off your entire product catalog without any additional development resources. LiquidAds re-engage site visitors with eye-catching, personalized ads that feature previously viewed, recommended, and top products.

Transparent analytics ;
We provide everything you need to run the most effective retargeting campaigns and understand your customer data. We make it incredibly easy to set up, manage, and measure scientific A/B tests, so you can be sure that you're allocating your dollars to the right resources.

When you’re ready to act on those metrics, you have optimization tools at your fingertips in our easy-to-use interface. Or, if you'd rather let our experts do the heavy lifting, just contact your dedicated account manager or log in to view detailed reports.