Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Social Media Marketing is Important - Social Media Marketing is the practice of utilizing Social Media Websites in order to publicize and promote a brand, product or service. Though Social Media Marketing has many of the same goals as traditional advertising and marketing principles, the rules and best practices are very different.

    Social Media Marketing allows brands to harness the power and reach of Social Media Websites, reaching countless potential customers every day. ITU conducted a study that found the number of people using all social media services have passed 1 billion. In a report released by Nielsen, studies have found that of the world's Internet users, two-thirds use a social network or blogging Website. Social Media attracts an accessible audience much larger than most other media outlets offer.
  • Why is Content Marketing Beneficial - An active Blog can create many opportunities for brands. Creating and maintaining a company Blog is important for branding as well as building search visibility. Once you've committed to a company Blog, it is important to optimize it. From the layout itself to individual blog posts, optimization for search engines is an important step. We work with our clients in a multitude of ways to make sure that their Blogs are up to par and working hard.

    Once you've established an active, optimized Blog, it needs to be promoted. This can be done in several ways. Social Media Marketing outlets allow you to share your Blog content. Blog directories and aggregators are one way of doing this. When a well written Blog Post is informative, and not sales driven, submit the URL to relevant Social Media Websites as well.
  • Why utilize Video Sharing Websites for SMM - YouTube is the most popular Video Sharing Website out there. YouTube and all Video Sharing Websites give users access to media on demand. Countless videos are uploaded to YouTube, where people from all over the world have access to them. Video Sharing services give brands a way to share their video media with users like never before.

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